One of the rumored spots to dig amethyst in Utah is actually just over the border in Nevada outside Wendover. You will be hard rock digging to find any purple as this habit of amethyst is not UV stable and fades in sunlight. There is plenty on the surface though of the clear and white remains.

A 4wd vehicle is highly recommended for the last 8 miles of this road after leaving Highway 93.  The primary digging area is located at approximately 40°40’27.0″N 114°15’25.1″W. The last place for services are the towns of Wendover to the north on Highway 93 and McGill to the south on Highway 93. This is the primary area to dig however other spots nearby have been found. There is camping in several areas along the way but check before you leave.

This area has received a lot of attention due to it’s uniqueness and with that attention has come some bad actors; tour guides and bad hounds alike. Since it is not policed by any agency on a regular basis it is on the rockhound communities shoulders to show the utmost respect to this area, brush up on your Rockhounding Habits.


The more tools the better but here is a list of what you will find helps the most.

  • Shovels, both small and large
  • Hammers
  • Pry bars, both small and large
  • Screens
  • Screwdrivers
  • Gloves
  • Paint brushes
  • Lights
  • Baggies, plastic sacks, tissue paper

How To Find Them

Hard rock digging is the most likely way to succeed out here. Hammer and chisel at the visible seam carefully screening your dirt as you remove it for signs of crystals. You may be lucky at digging in softer ground near the seam.

What You Are Looking For

You are looking for quartz shards and points that grew along the inner wall of the rock seam. Much of the surface has been covered by a thick calcite crust which can be removed with some work but makes it hard to see points when you are digging. Look for places in the seam that have opened up enough to allow for point growth. The area where the seam comes together is a tight network of interlaced crystal which is pretty and full of chevron patterns but is fragile and breaks down easily when removing.

Surface finds are available however due to the UV instability most if not all of them are white to clear in color.

Cleaning & Finishing

Cleaning these follows standard quartz cleaning practices.

Rock On!