• Dugway Geodes Uncut


    Looking for a unique addition to your rock collection? Check out Dugway Geodes Uncut!

    These natural wonders feature a rough exterior that conceals the classic blue chalcedony with breathtaking crystal formations inside. With their distinctive shape and earthy coloration, Dugway Geodes Uncut are a must-have for any rock enthusiast. Order now and bring the beauty of the Utah desert into your home! Random pull, sold by the pound.
  • Owyhee Jasper Rough


    One of the classic jaspers from the Owyhee mountains

    Looking for a stunning lapidary material to work with? Look no further than Owyhee Jasper! With its unique and intricate patterns in shades of earthy browns and blues, this rare gemstone is one of the most sought after materials. Whether you're a seasoned lapidary artist or a curious beginner, Owyhee Jasper is the perfect choice for your next project. This mine is now closed and the material is getting harder to find. Random pull, sold by the pound.
  • Rose Quartz Rough


    Discover the soft and delicate beauty of Rose Quartz Rough.

    This gemstone is perfect for creating stunning jewelry or adding to your collection. Order now and enjoy its natural charm! Random pull, sold by the pound.
  • Beautiful plume agate from the edge of the famous Utah Salt Flats.

    This material is mostly fracture free and works extremely well for lapidary purposes. Common to find pockets of druzy in larger pieces. Primarily colored red, yellow and white, with the occasional green. Sold by the pound.


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